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You(Tube)’re not the only one.

So you thought that only YouTube offered streaming video? Well you’re mistaken. Here are a few other websites that let you stream your videos.

Motionbox is a website with lots of Flash work and a better, simpler interface than YouTube. It has video forwarding with thumbnails, so that you know how far you have forwarded the video – kinda reminiscent of video editing softwares. The only letdown here is that it doesn’t offer full screen playback (How can you miss such an important feature?). Also you can’t rate the videos, only add them to your favorites.

Again much prettier than the dull YouTube interface, a fresh feature is the video mail, which is like next-gen voice mail. Videos with nudity or adult themes are also playable. But a feature which might bug you is Autoplay, because you have just 3 seconds before the broadcaster decides that you need to watch another video (there’s a button to disable autoplay, but it doesn’t work). This might just be YouTube’s biggest competitor (i.e. if they fix the autoplay button).

Perhaps the second most popular video streaming website, I don’t see why everyone is all gaga about Google Video. It looks shabby, but is easy to navigate and offers loads of videos to watch (obviously due to its user database). It’s not bad, but it isn’t great either.

Metacafe is another website with a very nice interface and a nifty little section called the ‘Producer Rewards Section’. It is a program that allows creators of original content to make some moolah from their movies. If your video is entertaining, metacafe would license it and pay you for every view. But when you opt for a full screen view it just enlarges the embedded video, and that’s not actually full screen.

Here’s a very good video surfing website. Neat navigation, rating, full screen, adult content, rss feeds and loads of other playback options. Look-wise the player is not very different from metacafe’s but it is only when played in full screen that a new window pops up and you distinguish it from its look alike.

Revver is the first video hosting website that pays. It’s somewhat along the lines of the above mentioned metacafe. Videos can be uploaded only by the creator, but shared by anyone.

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