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Youth and Elections

“Ask the young. They know everything.”
Joseph Joubert said that ages ago; but it seems just about right today as well.
It’s the calm after the storm, with our apparent leaders caught up in their petty wars and taking cheap shots at each other,our youth is probably the only thing we can count on; for some little amount of hope and classic sense.
Keeping in mind our chances here, it would be a safe bet to expect something satifactory out of the elections this time, regardless of how the lok sabha has made this country proud in inexplicable ways.
What happens when you mix Tea, empowerment, ‘Ab ki baar’ puns, and dharnas together? A compound? Nah! You get the taste of 2014 loksabha elections! While one goes around state to state wearing his prettily knit muffler and the Aam Aadmi topi, other calls his opponent a “yeda”. From pepper spray to abusing, cheap hits and sickening remarks. Is this how we’re supposed to make our country a superpower?  Oh, I doubt! Here’s what the youth has to say about their quintessential leaders!
Though the highest votes have been cast from Chandigarh at an approx of 74%, The young ones have been rendered skeptical. So, when asked about the elections, here’s what they had to say about the forerunners:
From crying over his grandmother’s assassination to standing up against the verdict of the supreme court for releasing his father’s assassinators, we’ve had it all. He talked about everything, almost everything, but in a nonsensical manner. His emotional tricks to persuade people to go for UPA-III  actually diluted the legitimacy of his own party.
– Nandini Tandon, eco Hons, Panjab university 
So, His Highness, shri arvind kejriwal, who emptomises honesty and of course  ‘the apt way’ to conduct fruitful dharnas, visited Gujarat few days back. Within a span of just 2 hours, he travelled the entire length and breadth of the state in his supersonic maruti wagon-R ( a true aam aadmi car) and negated all the developmental claims made by our own mr. chai wala ! Anti-corruption, anti-communal, anti-this, anti-that. Yet to see if the broom comes out and says ‘I am anti-dust’.
– Loveleen, MA English, Panjab University
Rather than witnessing democracy, the election campaigns so far have been crazy demos. Instead of focusing on positive works of their parties, the forerunners are more bent on pointing fingers at each other and bringing to limelight the negatives of their opponents. We all know two negatives make  positive but here we have three? I just hope the outcome of these elections does not follow its mathematical conclusion. 
– Pragam trikha, homeopathic medical college
I’m pretty sure that just about every Indian chooses to switch channels the moment there’s an ad related to the government, who choose to waste crores on advertisements. Smart move, forsook, taking the easy way out.
What started off as a simple ‘Jaago re’ ad, which, was tolerable to an extent, has turned into a cesspool of demons trying to win the majority’s heart by minutes long, outright annoying ads.
‘Hum modi ji ko laane wale hain, ache din aane wale hain’. Well, clearly there are going to be some acche days for the media agenices. From Janta maaf nahi karegi, to modi sarkaar.. I suppose there’s something seriously wrong with the way things are working.
But then again, you can’t really blame a sheep from following the rest of the herd, regardless of how stupid the other sheep may be. And that’s exactly what happened in the lok Sabha elections this year, more or less. Picking fights, targeting minorities, empty promises, false hope, and endless advertisements.
Well, truth be told, the cribbing could go on forever, I suppose every Indian would second me on that. But, we have to start taking things into our hands, if we’re sick beyond our nerves by the way they are currently. Let’s vote for a change. Let’s show the government who really has the upper hand. And let’s have hope and courage to be able to change the way things have been for the better, once and for all, and put us all out of our misery. Cause well, that’s how the popular adage goes, it takes two to tango. So though we can easily lay the blame there, we have the power to turn tables. Lets do so.

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