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Young Techies: From Presentations to Apps

Four Apps and 17000 downloads!
Steve Jobs is an inspiration for Shravan Kumaran,12 & Sanjay Kumaran,11 who are developing iPhone apps under their own company – Go Dimensions. They have developed four applications that are available in Apple’s App Store!

The two brothers were born in Bangalore and brought up in US for four years after which they moved to Chennai. Both are studying in Vael’s Billabong High International School, Chennai.

“Our interests in computers started very early at home when we started to make presentations at school. Our school & teachers encouraged us to do more, sensing our keen interest in computers. At home our dad who is a techie himself and the director of an IT firm, taught us QBasic, Animation etc. We then moved on to programming Apps,” says Shravan.

How did life change after the foundation of the company? “Once we started the company, we wanted to build many apps. We started getting lot of feedback from users of the application mainly from US. This encouraged us to do more. But not many knew we were young. We even got partnership requests from companies in China & US,” states Sanjay.

They came across lot of challenges since submitting the app with App Store is a very difficult process. “The first time when we submitted, we sat for eight hours continuously just to enable submission. Getting a good UI is also challenging,” asserts Shravan.

What is your biggest achievement so far? “Our four applications have got more than 17000 downloads altogether from more than 40 different countries. Proudest moment is when we received a mail from Dr Abdul Kalam wishing us. It was a great feeling,” says Sanjay.

At present all the apps are free. They get revenue through ads in the apps. So far they have got $150. They plan to develop a tablet called GoSheet – this will be an affordable low cost yet high quality tablet.

Here are a few apps:

Catch Me Cop (http://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/catch-me-cop/id497168295?mt=8)
Alphabet board (http://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/alphabets-board/id506649170?mt=8)
Prayer Planet (http://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/prayer-planet/id521081073?mt=8)

– Babita Balan

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