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Young Dentist on the Block!

Not only is Sahil one of the youngest dentists around, he is a dentist who offers less painful treatment, Prachi Parekh reports

You have clever people and then there are the super intelligent ones like Sahil Manhas. At a very young age, Sahil decided he wanted to become a dentist-a goal which he achieved in his early twenties!

He got his Bachelors in Dental Surgery from Mumbai at the age of 22 and at 23, he finished his post graduation diploma in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry from New York University. After interning at a clinic in Colaba he opened his opened his own clinic-Gentle Dental in 2007, which caters to the dental needs of patients in Colaba ranging from owners of Colaba Chemists, Colaba post office, Officers of Colaba Gas, Owners and Staff of SAM-Link Cruisers.

However, this success journey was not without its roadblocks as his young age would often spark doubts in prospective patients. Sahil sometimes faced a tough time gaining their trust. “I did not have grey hair, bald or huge tummy, which is a criterion for some people, to gauge a doctor’s experience and capability,” says Sahil. Not the one to let anything stand in his way, Sahil let his work speak for himself, “I always too it in a positive way and looked at it as a challenge.”

The unique thing about Sahil’s clinic is his claim that he has found a less painful dentistry method-a dream come true for many people! Says Sahil, “There was an era when a dentist used to be feared but now things have changed drastically. With the advent of new local anaesthetics in the market the pain factor has gone down to a great extent.”

Sahil also wants to make people aware of the oral cavity. “The oral cavity is as important as any other part of the body. Just visiting dentists when you are in pain is not the solution. A check-up every six months should be mandatory.” Stressing further he said, “Dental problems are caused over the years and it’s only after a long duration of time that you feel the sign and symptoms.”

Sahil plans to do his masters in Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery and strives to give quicker and more comfortable treatment to his patients.

– Prachi Parekh

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