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Young achievers – HR college Mumbai students start his own book store

Aditya Malkani

Background: Student of HR College
At just 19, Aditya has done way more than what some people hope to achieve in a lifetime.

Apart from doing all that a student needs to do, he makes time for several worthy and intriguing projects. One of his most impressive ventures so far is the Foreword Bookstore. Started in July 2007, when he was just 17, Foreword makes textbooks available to student at discounted rates and we all know how much we need that. Foreword directly purchases from publishers and sells to students at discounted rates. He hopes to reach at least 5,000 students by 2010.

In all, Aditya has founded and sustained three innovative business ventures targeted at tapping the huge youth market in Mumbai.

He has also co-founded the youth NGO Prerna Inspiring Lives, which aims at linking like-minded students through social work. The NGO conducts fund raisers in both the US and India to raise funds for social causes. In 2008, Prerna Inspiring Lives raised $1,300 and contributed it to ‘Akansha’ for the education of underprivileged children.

Other accomplishments: Aditya was also the student body leader for south Mumbai MP Milind Deora’s campaign management team. He led a team of 60+ students involved in various aspects of the campaign. For the uninitiated, his candidate won.

Exit line: Entrepreneurship — both social and business — and education are the two highways the country needs to establish itself as a global superpower.

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