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You know when you’re a Mumbaikar when…

How do you know if you’re a true Mumbaikar? Find out below!

1) You say ‘ghanta’ instead of no.

2) You window-shop in swanky malls but really buy all your stuff from Fashion Street!

3) You spend half your life commuting.

4) You show off Gateway of India and Marine Drive to your relatives who have come for the first time!

5) You can sleep in the train regardless of all the noise.

6) You can defend Mumbai Indians to death.

7) You say ‘Town’ and expect everyone to know its SoBo!

8) You ask for ‘sukha puri’ after you’re done with your round of pani puri!

9) Train timings like 1.56 and 8.09 are matters of life and death.

10) No matter how much you crib about the traffic, the overcrowding, the commuting or the potholes, you still love Mumbai and would never want to leave it ever!

– Janhavi

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