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You know what they say about being in your 20s

ARE YOU A TWENTY SOMETHING? Be ready to face disappointments


1.     No matter how loyal you are to your girlfriend you will lose her due to unavoidable reasons. So make her happy as much as you can. Don’t just buy her the best chocolate. Give her your best security and care. You will have some good memories to cherish in your future

2.     You are not going to be in touch with all of your friends. Your friends circle is going to shrink to 3 to 4 people who are very much closer to you. Socialize well. But develop a good bond with very few. They are going to be your lifelong friends.

3.     Even if you become a best student/class topper/best employee or whatever you are going to regret for the things you did/didn’t try. So why waste your college life in pleasing others? Play that silly prank with your mates! Date with your crush! Bunk the class you hate

4.     You are going to be solely responsible for any decisions you make even if it is based on others’ suggestion. Never ask for suggestions from others, So that you don’t have to blame others even if you fail.

5.     The very important part is that you are going to face lot of questions from a stranger to neighbor “what are you going to do? Why dont you get a job? Why are you learning that? Why aren’t you married yet? What is your salary?” You don’t have to find answers for all these questions. Just learn to face them.


Never speculate your life with your current situation. Certain things take time even if are the best student of destiny. Life has its own conspiracies. Keep calm and wait move your ass off.

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