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Yehi hai right voice baby!

Thomas ‘tom’ Koshy with his compound whacko spectacles zoomed in on a Podar-ite with an uncanny ability to modulate her voice. Prezenthing to you. . . Ketki Guhagarkar !!

So was there this specific moment when you felt that you could modulate your voice?

I don’t know, I’ve always been like this, naughty and talkative. My mom would say ‘please keep quiet for some time. I’ll pay you a thousand bucks to keep quiet for five minutes.?If she’s mad at me I’d go like this bachcha…?Mmmmmama blah blah..don’t shout at me plizz.?By then she’d get fried in the head. hehehee

You always make noises like that ?
(Aaaaaaaaarrrrggghh) I keep making a lot of noise, like I go to work whether I’m at home or in my sleep (ZZZZZZZZZZZ) or anywhere. Everyone’s got a
complaint that I just keep chattering and I make a lot of weird noises. They get very irritated because I just can’t keep quiet. Whether I’m working or not working I just keep on chattering. Everyone thinks I speak too much. Meowwww!!!

How long have you been voicing and dubbing ?
Almost two years… last year I used to do a couple of ads here and there. Then there was this point of introspection. Like I used to hang out with my friends after classes and I looked forward to it. One day I asked if we’d meet like this even next year in our T.Y. They replied positively but I realised something, ‘coz I don’t want to be the one who doesn’t have anything to do and waits for her friends. There are a lot of people right now who don’t know what they’ll be doing after B Com. They just hang around.

(Dharamendra style) Ab yeh batao Ketki, tumhe yeh kaam kaisay mila?
Yun toh aap jaante hi hain ki all the people around me go ballistic with the variety of sounds I make. My well-wishers made this strategy of venting my vocal energy into doing voice overs for some cartoons. So I went and gave this audition for Panchatantra and later on I went on to do side characters in Timon and Pumba.

What’s your payscale like ?
It largely depends on the project I’m working on…say 50 – 70 grand.

What are your working hours like ?
There is no fixed time. It’s mostly in the evenings and sometimes goes late till 12.

What did you really like dubbing for ?
I really liked dubbing for Shurikan School. I’m doing this typical Nigger, so I get to speak like him and it’s fun. I also liked doing the Cadbury ‘Ms Palampur’ ad since it was the first time I’d be in a 30 seconder which also had Big B in it.

So how was it playing Ms Palampur aka Radha the Gai?
I was doing the background female voices you &$%^*$!

Don’t you get pressurised to go in the “safer’ directions with an MBA or Mcom?
I think a lot of people do jobs but not what they really want to do. They keep doing these safe jobs and they become sort of numb and unhappy. I’m good at what I do and I’m happy doing it, similarly everybody’s good at something, something they are happy doing.

Ponds cold cream, Voice Over in Stayfree ad, Lifebuoy ad, Lux Aqua Sparkle and many more.

Power Rangers (white, yellow and pink rangers), Alice’s Academy on Animax, Evil woman in Halloween, Ninjahatori (humeko), Sesame Street (one of the side characters), Clifford The Big Red Dog, Vaz, Goozebumps, Ganesha (coming soon)

Aeon Flux ka sidekick (in Hindi)
Dharam (unreleased Yashraj movie)
Jaws (Hindi), Rocky (hindi)

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