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Wrap me in your bubble, baby!

One day a huge parcel arrived at my doorstep. Never mind what was inside. The only thing that got me tingling inside was this really huge pristine sheet of bubble wrap! With so many many bubbles to go snap snap snap at. This seemingly mundane thing brings out the silly quirky side.

There is something immensely satisfying about pinching those regularly-spaced air -filled hemispheres and hearing them go pop! You can sit and go on bursting them bubbles with your fingers all day long.There are some who like to start from one side of the sheet and go on moving towards the other side popping one bubble at a time. Slowly slowly. But if you are not one of those OCD-struck freaks, just go on a full frontal attack. Connoisseur-shonnoiseur, who cares? Be a lover of chaos. (Only one of those rare times.)

Or maybe you could start with bursting two at a time. Two adjacent ones in a single line. With both the hands. Listening to the sweet popping sound. Then grab a handful. And crush them altogether. I will let you in to a secret. Think about someone you really really hate. (You know that bitch, who has been getting under your skin since long.) Imagine their face when you crush them all handful of bubbles together. You simply can’t imagine the devilish delight you’ll get out of it.Trust me, you really want to do it.

When I was a kid, we had a new appliance delivered at home. I don’t exactly remember if it was a television, refrigerator or a new washing machine. All my memory can fathom is this large bubble wrap around it. The size of a king-size bed. Me and my sister laid it over the floor. Laid it completely flat with no folds and creases in between. And then we went jumping and dancing all over it. I was in fantasy-land as the bubbles went pop, pop-pop in a rhythm.

I think it is de-stressing in a silly-happy way. I don’t want to blabber on the relieving stress part of it.There’s Wikipedia for that. Talking of which, did you know there is a Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? On the first Monday of January. Don’t believe me? Go on, Google it. Even I thought it was hilarious. Dedicating an entire day to bubble wraps! Imagine that. Hail bubble wraps!

Guess I am not the only one who has reached the heights of crazy-land about a piece of packing material. *wink *wink.

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