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Worst Brand Ambassadors Ever



10) Deepika, Imran-Lux 

Ugh, the lack of chemistry! When it is a known fact that Imran Khan cannot strike up a chemistry with absolutely anybody in this entire world including his page 3 wife, why then did Lux decide to torture us by pairing him with the dashing Deepika? Why Lux why?



9) Parineeti Chopra-Kurkure

Parineeti, we all know you suffer from some weighty issues and take it from us, binging on junk foods will only add to your woes.



8) Aamir Khan-Godrej

A classic case of big ambitions gone astray. Aamir is quite good-looking as he is so was it necessary to make him cross dress and act like Mrs.Doubtfire on steroids?



7) Dhoni-Mysore Sandal

Yes kids, you read that right. The very brand that promises to turn you into apsaras, signed on Dhoni as their brand ambassador. Which, where and how of Dhoni is Mysore Sandal actually? But fret not, the two later engaged in an ugly court battle due to some discrepancies and Mysore Sandal kicked Dhoni out. Phew.



6) Dravid-Asian Paints

Even I am completely stumped here. Help anyone? Anybody at all?



5) Fair and handsome-Shah Rukh Khan

Ok, this is not to say that SRK is bad looking or anything, he is quite good-looking and charming, but is he fair and handsome? I could even bat for him for the latter but can anyone really call him fair?



4) Aishwarya, Abhishek-Prestige 

Really? Really Mr. & Mrs. Abhishek Bachchan? With all those riches and crisp green notes to use as ***wipe, you want to promote cookers? Pressure cookers did it for you?



3) Katrina-Slice

Dear Miss Katrina, the only person who will be motivated to buy a mango drink after seeing you suckle a mango rather lasciviously is Ranbir Kapoor and nobody, trust me, absolutely nobody else. So save it for the bedroom will you?



2) Amitabh Bachchan-Anything and Everything

Sigh, where does one start with this one. I could easily constitute a separate entire list for this elder statesmen and his horrible brand endorsement choices. He appears in just so many ads for so many brands that he loses out in having a strong association with any single brand. Take it easy AB, let others have a chance to do some tel malish as well.



1) Hugh Jackman-Micromaxx

…. No comments.


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