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With love, we call her Mommmmm!

Prachi Parekh zooms into the quirky habits that convince us that moms are class apart

Act 1, Scene 1
You are standing with your mom, who is talking to Leela aunty, at a
family gathering:
Aunt (to you): How are you, beta? Such a long time? (Mildly sarcastic) You don’t even remember me, na?
Mom: Arre, no, no! Just the other day he was saying Leela aunty doesn’t look like an aunt…she looks much older!
Leela aunty shoots angry daggers at you, while you go red. And your mom, allegedly oblivious to the scenario, urges you to take daal.

Act 1, Scene 2
You call home from office…
Mom: Did you eat your lunch?
You: Forget that! I got promoted!!!
Mom: Really? Good! Did you eat all the chapattis? You never finish them.
(Boom, baam, bang!)
You: Oh, no! There was a bomb blast just 2 buildings away!
Mom: Oh dear! Be careful. And don’t forget to eat that apple I gave in all this jhamela, ok?

Act 1, Scene 3
You and your mother love imitating your drama-queen aunt for a good laugh. One day, you go to visit her…
Drama-queen Aunt: “You know, Chandni’s house is sooooo naice, I tell you. (Aunt gets up to demonstrate) You enter (She takes a step ahead) into a big, well- furnished living room, (you can almost visualise the enormity of the room as she gestures with her fat, wobbly arms). And the kitchen, oh my God! (Her hands go to on her cheeks like the winning Miss India gesture) I went dizzy looking at the sheer beauty of the tiles…”
(She turns towards you, her back towards your Mom)
Your Mom looks at you, gives a big grin. You can’t help but laugh, trying your best to control it. Mom continues to imitate the dramatic gestures. You let out a loud giggle, as your aunt looks at you questioningly…

Act 1, Scene 4
Mom pissed with Ganga bai. Bai understands Marathi. Mom is Gujarati. Common language – Hindi…
Mom: Arre maine ketli vaar bola hai, aise jhadu nahin kadhneka. (So many times I have told you, not to sweep the floor like this)
Maid: Mee borobaraj karte… (I am doing it properly only)
Mom: Kaay borobar? Mala nako samjavu. Mi tumhala bola ne. Tumhi kyun nahin sambharta hai? (What properly? Don’t teach me. Why don’t you listen?)

Act 1, Scene 5

Dad: Why are you so sad?
Mom: Gajendar died today.
Dad: Gajendar who?
Mom: Yamuna’s husband in ‘Kahani meri saas aur bahu ki’. They had just gotten married…

Act 1, scene 6
Before going for grocery shopping, Mom asks for 2 minutes and takes more than 10 minutes to carefully remove all the discount coupons, neatly cut from various newspapers and magazines, and also packs the old cooker in order to get it exchanged.

That grin on your face confirms you identify with at least some of the above scenes! Mothers – the world would be a cheerless place without them!!!

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