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Windows Phone Utility 8 Apps – Have you tried these?

  1.        Toshl finance   

Cannot track your money? The month-end arrives in the middle of the month? Yes? Toshl finance is the right app for you. This app lets you manage your incomes and expenses seamlessly. It lets you maintain your budget and export your data to pdf, excel or google docs. What more? You can also access your finances from your desktop using toshl.com.


2.          627.AM

627.AM is a reminder + notes + alarm + forecast app. It has a wonderful user interface and best fits as your daily assistant. The application is very simple but beautifully combines weekly forecast, independent daily alarms (with snooze of 9 minutes) and to-do list on a single screen.



3.          Insider

The Insider app provides you with an array of new features. The app helps you know about the battery status, stopwatch, countdown, phone information, memory usage, world clock etc. What more? You can download the last amazing 7 bing wallpapers to your phone. The app also provides you with shortcuts for flashlight, wifi, lockscreen etc. It also helps you compare all the Windows phones available in the market.


4.          Listropy

Forget no more! Listropy lets you make to-do lists effortlessly. You can make a number of lists and visit them all by a single swipe. It also allows you to keep a track of the done items from the list. Overall Listropy is fast and clear to use.


5.          Jarvis

Love Ironman? Download Jarvis! Jarvis, your personal assistant, is designed to be more than just a conversational tool. The app can help you with a variety of tasks with the prescribed commands. The app helps you with controlling your phone, discovering places nearby, navigating the maps, playing music etc. Do try the ‘Surprise me’ command. Jarvis is definitely full of surprises!


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