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Why no comments?

I have a small set of readers on my ClubJAM blog.For the past 10 days or so, some people have been reading one of my posts on ClubJAM. Consequently, my personal blog’s site meter also has been going up steadily as these same people have been migrating from my profile on CJ to my personal blog. So, there are people who read my blog.

Maybe, people who are jobless; people who vote for reality shows and who have nothing better to do, visit my blog. But how many of them leave a comment? Honestly, if you all actually don’t have anything to do, why not leave a comment like Hi,I am so-and-so. The puke that you spew as writing sucks big time.Though if you do that, I might ask you to Go and get a life,Buy yourself 10 kgs of sense of humour,Understand, that I write the truth etc. And I wouldn’t be too wrong, would I?

I can liken this phenomenon to my 1,000 member strong MCC Yahoo! group where hardly five people send mails. And three of them send stupid forwarded jokes or ‘you will be lucky if you forward this’ kinda mails. But last week, this guy who got touchy about a post I made, suddenly woke up from his slumber, wrote a hate mail and shot it to all users on some popular quiz groups. It’s funny he does this because I am sure he read the post and consequently went to my blog. Why couldn’t he post a comment? (That the others bashed the hell out of him on cyber dharti is a different thing.)
I really do not know why this happens. Is it that difficult for people to send an e-mail or just post a “Hello, hate your post or comment on blogs? It just takes 10 seconds. Instead, he chose to make it a public outcry.

I am sure; this crib will receive comments only from the usual folks. Maybe, even they won’t. The rest might read it and say, “What a loser! Writes lines starting with Maybe/OK/But/Honestly/Alright and expects us to comment and bloat her ego.” Anyways…

Something or somebody pissing you off? Let out your steam right here!

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