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Why F.R.I.E.N.D.S have a special place in my life

Theirs was an enchanted world, yet so real. We all have, wanted to LIVE these characters. Not because they are hilarious or trendy, but we connected to each of them on so many levels .

They have  a very very special place in my life.

IÔÇÖve always gone back to watching Friends during my low times, when I run out of┬ápatience┬áor just need to laugh off my stress. Each character has┬áitÔÇÖs own habits and traits, you can love them through trials and tribulations, love and break-ups, the essence of being there for each other┬áin spite┬áof being so┬ádifferent from each other.

The reasons are many but these are a few of the things that they do which are so endearing;

  • Fight for no reason
  • Dance for your friend
  • Live it up with a smile
  • Love unconditionally
  • Accept each other the way they are!
  • Be crazy!
  • DonÔÇÖt be afraid to be yourself
  • Be independent
  • Be unconventional
  • Care beyond expectations
  • Follow your dream
  • Make mistakes !!
  • Say SORRY before itÔÇÖs too late!
  • ItÔÇÖs never late to get someone back!
  • Make a family
  • Build a home, Not a house
  • ItÔÇÖs┬áokay┬áto cry! Even as a boy! 😀
  • ┬áMake friends for Lifetime 🙂

I identify them with my life .. School.. College.. These crazy bunch of people have supported me, cried for me, danced with me and never left my side. Yes, some drifted away.. Some were forgotten, I forgot some.. Ego & anger destroyed, misunderstandings crept in, hearts were broken. But we did stick around when it was all dark.

I guess IÔÇÖve┬álearnt┬áthat “You have to love yourself first, in order to allow others to love you”. You canÔÇÖt choose your Family, they are there for a reason. But you can choose your friends who change the reason altogether 🙂

Life is beautiful struggle, and Friends are those milestones you canÔÇÖt do without! 🙂 You people have been the silver lining in that┬ástormy┬ásky. Thank you.

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