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Why Chivalrous Men Are Almost Extinct!

Just how gender discrimination is becoming less of an issue, finding a chivalrous man is becoming more of an issue. Finding a man who is chivalrous is a very tedious process in today’s world. Women have taken to looking after situations and have become very independent and most of the time when acts of chivalry are shown in front of such women, they get offended.

At one point in time, when a man held the door for a lady to walk in first, she would smile and walk in and now, when men do that, the reply they get is a grumpy face.

Women of the kind made guys stop wanting to be kind and well-mannered and it is the same women who sulk when a guy won’t get up and give her the seat in a crowded bus.

The confusion that lies in such a situation is what should a man do, he might get a rude look when he gives her a seat and he also gets a rude look when he doesn’t. So the smart man that he is, he keeps sitting and smiles within at the thought that it’s better to be comfortable and get a rude look than to be uncomfortable and get one.

Being a girl, I should probably say men are like this and men are like that. But chivalrous men are only becoming extinct because a woman kills his chivalry with her unthankful looks and her arrogance that she is equal to him!

– Henna Jaisinghani

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