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Who’s the anchor|Enigma The Quest|

Every August, R A Podar college, Matunga organises their annual inter-collegiate fest called “Enigma”. Every year, it’s good themes and good events but this is the year of change and awesomeness, because this is the year we juniors turn seniors. This year Enigma will be at it’s peak. This is The Quest.

Two years back, the idea of a fun contest called “Who’s the anchor” had started. All students are welcome to compete and the winner then hosts the actual events in Enigma. New and interesting themes are chosen each year, this year the theme being The Quest.

This year, to double the excitement, the starcast of the movie “Amit Sahni ki list” was invited to be the panel of judges of the contest. The crowd went crazy when the stars, Vir Das,┬áAnindita Nayar┬áand┬áKavi Shastri┬áentered the college auditorium. They were welcomed with an enthusiastic applause and hoots.

The judges, though not needing any introduction, were called on the stage and introduced, after which the movie trailer was played and Vir Das gave a prologue for the movie in a rather unusual way. A boy and a girl were called on stage and many questions about their preference towards the opposite sex were asked. Finally, he managed to match the boy and girl together.

The contest consisted of — participants, each of whom had to present spoofs of movies, for 3 minutes. All the participants did an amazing job, coming up with witty one-liners and hilarious pointers. The crowd cheered when a contestant imitated the dog scene from Humshakals, howling and shouting into the mike and the recitation of the dialog, “Bande hain hum uske,—“. The roaring response on renaming “Humshakals” as “kamakals”, the fact that after years of catching thieves, Abhishek Bachan was still ACP– with no promotion, in Dhoom and the missing “Krishh2”, was a definite indication that the competition was very tough. But everyone cracked up when one┬á contestant drank a carton of milk while imitating Farhan Akhtar in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

The final winner was announced and every participant was given a one and one t-shirt, as there will be a one and one performance on the 9th of August during Enigma. Also given were gift vouchers and the show was wrapped up with cheers and music.

The event was managed very efficiently and everything was very professional for a college event. All the transitions were smooth and glitch-free. This was like a preview of how Enigma will be- full of fun, music, spectacular events, sparkling celebrities and many memories. With such a successful event in the bag, I sure look forward to the 4 action packed days- 7-10th of August– of Enigma.

We have Greenathon, Quizzers Arena, sparkling celebrities and a setting that is sure to leave you spellbound.

PicMonkey Collage

If you think that this is the usual Podar college fest, you will be corrected. A few highlights of the events, something for everyone-
PotterHeads, have you dreamt of playing the HarryPotter sport? Then, get ready for Quidditch. I kid you not, Quidditch, same game, same rules, less the flying.
For you styling geeks, the IndianWedding, a showcase of Indian culture and traditional wedding beauties.
For les sportifs, we have FootTennis- replacing handminton, an innovative and roaring game of tennis, played by foot.
And of course, the trademark event- The ravaging StreetDance and Mr and Mrs Enigma.

“This year we are remaking Enigma and stopping at nothing. A huge pack of volunteers, technology and art fusion, never seen before setting and never heard before events, this year we are pulling out on all stops. We are trying to incorporate everything- singing, dancing, sports, creatives, art, geeks and fashionistas. Many unusual workshops, flashmobs and stalls will also be put up. This is going to be the whole entertainment package. Everyone is working very hard and extending full co operation, I couldn’t be prouder.”, says Abhishek Devadiga, the chairperson of Enigma 2014.

You don’t want to miss it this time. This is Enigma, The Quest.

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