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Whom to blame for T20 Final defeat

Watching the T20 World cup final yesterday, I was as excited as any body else . After all, we were the favourites. An easy win over South Africa in semi-finals and unbeaten track record in this tournament already proved the skill of our cricketers and elevated our hopes – we wanted to see another win. So with high hopes and all the totems I switched on my TV set. As the time passed all my hopes started crushing. India could only score 130 in their 20 overs which were easily chased by Sri Lanka. We lost the match by 6 wickets. And the dream of becoming world champions again, shattered.

For Sri Lanka it was their first T20 world cup win, and surely their bowling and batting were both better than ours.

After half an hour, all of us including me were dutifully cursing our cricket players and criticizing their gameplay. First and biggest victim was Yuvraj Singh who consumed an ocean of balls (21) and made just 11. Immediately WHATSAPP and FACEBOOK were flooded with trolls and jokes on him. I also laughed on some and forwarded few. When my anger and frustration came down I thought very calmly about the match again and I realized that Yes, it was true that our batting was not as strong as it should have been. Our Indian cricket team is basically famous for its great batsman and we should have scored few more runs to give Sri Lanka a good total to chase.

The Yuvraj chapter is hopefully over. But it is not entirely his fault. Blaming only him means we are ignoring the hard work of Sri Lanka cricket team. Malinga in his bowling to limit the score and also other Sri Lankan bowlers like Herath and Senanyake can’t be ignored. They were more prepared to corner our Team and it reflected in our score.

When our turn came to bowl, we were already in the pressure of low score. Until the middle of the Sri Lankan innings wickets were falling at regular intervals. It needed just one partnership and that’s the one which in turn made the match slip away from our hands. So all in all our fault lies in both batting and as well as in bowling.

So we should not point finger to Yuvraj but embrace the fact that we are back in game and we could make it to finals. Considering the recent history of pathetic 0-4 defeats in One-Day International series against New Zealand. If anything we should learn from this defeat is acknowledging the room for improvement in our gameplay. By gameplay I mean not only batting but also good bowling & fielding. Then only we will deserve and become world champions again.

Kumara Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene, Lasith Malinga were the heroes. Maybe they were from the team which defeated us but after all it was just a game and that is what is should have always been considered.

Editor’s note;

For long we have been idolising Sachin. Believing that only he could win matches for India. Now it is Virat, he clicks then everything is fine. It wasn’t so, and we must realise that only teams win or lose matches, not individuals.


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