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Which Bollywood actress is the tallest?

Entrance tests and selection exams are often considered a nerve-wracking affair. The anticipation of finding the toughest questions to crack can leave an aspirant sweaty and bamboozled. What if an examination paper cracks you up and leaves you rolling on the floor laughing your heads off? Having thoughts whether itÔÇÖs too good to be true? Well to quash all myths the recent Staff Selection Commission exam is a valid proof.

The Staff Selection Commission which conducts an exam to hire staff for jobs in the central ministries and various government departments made one of the most talked about and trending goof ups. The gaffe that left the candidates appearing for the exam in side-splitting laughter was when they were asked a very stupid and hilarious question. The question paper carried  dim-witted question asking the candidates;

a. Which Bollywood actress was the tallest? Choose from four.

b. Which month marks the celebrations for ValentineÔÇÖs Day.

Such hilarious and silly questions throw light upon the standard of such exams.One wonders if such sub-standard questions are the only option to check the credibility and calibre of a candidate. If so then at least one shouldn’t hire jokers to set the paper. The Staff Selection Commission has apologized for their major goof up. Some sections of the talked about exam indeed provided gut-wrenching laughter to all candidates including the ones who didn’t do too well. At least they had something to laugh about. This proves that exams are no longer a tear-jerker but an absolute laugh-riot. HereÔÇÖs hoping the commission learns from their comical mistake.

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