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When did you last switch off your mobile?

Smart-phones, tablets, and laptops have definitely made things quick n easy. Have you seen the recent viral video against social media ‘Look Up’ ? Is too much time spent social networking leaving cracks in our daily relationships? When was the last time you didn’t feel the need to check your phones while having a conversation with someone.

One wonders if the lures of the virtual world are far more exciting and better than the mundane lives we all live. Do we really have to update our every move, tweet about our whereabouts and share our personal snaps with the whole wide world every other minute? Change is good right so why not take a baby step into making things better.

If you could recall the last time you said goodbye to your mobile phone at the dinner table. For a change relished your food that luckily didn’t miss your mouth while you were busy checking updates on social networking sites. How about personally complimenting your mother or your cook who cooked the scrumptiously meal you just tweeted about.

There were times when decent conversations would be intellectually stimulating and engrossing. Nowadays conversations come with a minimum characters disclaimer. A lot more typing and hardly any listening or speaking happens. Technology seems to have got us so hooked and engaged that we hardly notice things around us anymore. Instead of group messaging your friends when did you hangout for real where your fingers didn’t do all the talking. Look back and just those fun moments with your friends at chai tapris leave you grinning.

When was the last time you switched off from technology? Start with the weekends and don’t get hassled. Spend quality time to catch up with your family, friends and loved ones. Virtual life may be hip and cool till the batteries run out. It has to co-exist with real life. Reality is far more exciting and fun. Think it over.

Check out ‘Look Up’


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