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When College Comes Calling

Even if your wardrobe doesn’t spill with new clothes, here’s a checklist of all the items your wardrobe should own, says Rati Agarwal

1. Spaghettis: Wear it under a top or mix and match two contrasting colours to give you an entirely different look.
2. Blue slim-fit jeans: This is one piece of clothing you can wear anytime and anywhere. It will also raise your fab quotient in college!
3. A bolero: Team up your sleeveless tops and spaghettis with a bolero for a completely new avatar.
4. The casual LBD: The Little Black Dress has moved on from being just a party dress to college wear! For a casual appearance, choose fabrics like cotton.
5. A pair of ballerinas or pumps: These will add to the glitz and glamour of your wardrobe.


1. A White Shirt: This comes handy when you want to go for the gentleman look. And it looks good on everyone!
2. Blue Jeans: The most casual looking garment on this planet is a pair of blue jeans. Team it up with any of your t-shirts or shirts!
3. Traditional Kurta:
Try a kurta over jeans this year. For a more stylish look, tuck one end in your jeans pocket.
4. T-Shirts: Prints of rock bands, football jerseys and cartoons is a must. These will make you look cool and go a long way when it comes to wooing girls.
5. Loafers: They are casual, carefree and don’t take an era to wear – need we say more?

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