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What’s On, India!

Here is a channel that will tell you what to view in today’s era of clutter reports Priyanka Talreja

What’s On India is a channel that will soon hit the Indian television viewers. This feed will inform you about ever thing that is currently being aired on the TV. A study has proved that nearly 70% of the viewing patters of an Indian viewer are unplanned. But What’s on India will change this situation. As a result this channel will also eliminate the unwanted surfing and you can directly switch to the channel of your interest. This concept is very similar to people checking the papers to decide which show is it that they can catch.

It has also been calculated that over 500 channels available on Indian TV as of today. Yet most of us watch barely a tenth of these most of the times. Thus What’s on India will be like a guide for viewing for all. Take for instance if a person switches on their television set and as always is unaware about what is currently playing, all they have to do is go to What’s on India and they will find a detailed list about what’s being aired at that hour.

Commenting on the campaign, Shalini Behl, Channel Head, What’s On India said, “In spite of the fact that Television guidance is a new concept in India, we are delighted with the reactions, feedback and level of usage from the early adopters. The brand’s aggressive plans in the weeks to come are focused on jumping up the adoption rates. While the channel has embarked on various routes to engage viewers before, this advertising campaign is primarily to create awareness and education for the channel.”

This channel is going to have a two month long campain that will begin with Mumbai and Delhi. This campaign has been divided into two major section where the first half will utilised Bus shelters and hoardings as its medium in both Mumbai and Delhi, mobile vans and unipoles have additionally been used in Delhi while the second leg of the campaign arget on media vehicles like digital, mobile and social networking media.

So keep your eyes open and be on high alert if you want to check out this latest campaign that will be widely spread across Mumbai.

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