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What it means to turn 18?

A combination of two digits . Yes! A lot of important things which rushed to your mind when you entered this age. Basically, things like:

First, ‘now, I am officially an adult to watch [A] certified movies freely; No more hiding

Now, authorized to ride daddy’s bike/car. And a night out to banta hai boss!!!!

I am authorized to say, “Ab Main Bachcha Nahi Raha”. No more lectures from parents and ‘badey bujurg’ about studies and responsibilities. Now you’ve a life experience of 18 years which is enough to understand sensibility. Now its our time to take responsibilities of ourselves and our surroundings.

The theories which we had learned shall be put to practice. So in a simple way, 10-17 is the age bar where we learn life’s theories and once touch 18, you have to learn more things practically with the help of those theories.

18 lets you accept/challenge/reject/ change customs. The customs like: bribery, being dependent, and being subservient. A community that keeps talking and no action. A community who believes in acting without thinking. So, it’s a big responsibility to be a part of this community when you turn 18.

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So, stay with us on JAM….

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