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What If; Review

Based on the play ‘Toothpaste and Cigars’, ‘What If’ is about Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe), a med-school dropout who meets ┬áChantry (Zoe Kazan) at a house party and sparks instant chemistry. What follows is a tale about love & friendship that would take you back to two specific years of Rom-Com film-making.┬á

The first is the year 1989 and the film is Rob Reiner’s When Harry Met Sally. You can see instant connections between the two films where ‘What If’ explores that a guy and girl can be friends. The second film is Marc Webb’s ‘500 Days Of Summer’ where ‘What If’ explores the insight of the guy who falls in love on the very first meet, even though he is aware that the girl has a totally different perspective towards him (I know, it’s nothing like 500 days of Summer but you’ll get the reference once you see it).┬á


Now, the thing is ‘What If’ is not a bad movie. The writing here is impeccable. Also, it has all the ingredients that a typical rom-com should have. It’s cute, it’s funny, it has a nice soundtrack, it has nice little side characters that are not irritating (except for the girl who plays Chantry’s sister, maybe!) and it has a short run-time as well. What doesn’t work for here is – ┬áits not a film with balls. The director tries very hard to take a different route, trying to make his film look cool, but he falls prey of the so-called-teenage-girl-likable-sort-of-shit and the 3rd act ends up being mediocre.┬á


That being said, ‘What If’ has its moments. I simply loved the way Wallace sits on the top of his roof every-time he wants to wash something out of his life, heart & brain. The time when Wallace & Chantry go out and get drunk. Also, the skinny-dipping scene is nicely done. The dialogues are consistently witty and never seem over-the-top. Adam ┬áDriver, playing Wallace’s asshole friend is fantastic. He brings in the much needed comic relief.┬á

Final Verdict: ‘What If’ might be a nice little romantic getaway for couples on the weekend. Others might enjoy it if you don’t expect anything ground-breaking.

Rating: 2.5/5


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