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What does the fox say?

Feeling under the weather or just having a bad day no worries. Music always works great to beat those sorry blues. Music works wonders in uplifting the grumpiest of moods. There are plenty of songs that provide quite a strong punch of rofl moments. Here are a few ridiculously funny songs that will definitely leave you grinning and promise uninterrupted chuckles galore.

1. The Fox (What does the Fox Say?)

what does the fox say-pic

This hilariously sung and pictured electronic dance song by Norwegian comedy team Ylvis is a laugh riot. The Norwegian comedy team of brothers Vegard and Bard Ylvisaker posted the song on a popular video sharing site making it one of the most trending videos. This outrageously funny song with its mundane but catchy lyrics and rib-tickling sounds makes it a great song that’s laugh out loud to its core. The song has already garnered more than 100 million views and still counting. Do check out this lethal dose of laughter.


2. “Weird Al” Yankovic-Fat

weird al-fat-pic


This hands down awesome parody of Michael Jackson’s hit song Bad is the epitome of a well crafted laughathon. Alfred Yankovic an American singer-songwriter popular as “Weird Al” is known for his humourous parodies. This amazing comical version had the official blessings from the legend himself. Michael Jackson was a huge fan of his comic talent. This song with its amusing lyrics will definitely crack you up. Make sure to chuckle up for the laughter in store.


3. Eat it-Weird Al

eat it-weird al-pic


This witty take on Michael Jackson’s popular song Beat It features on many funny songs lists. Weird Al pulls off yet another laughable song by taking it up a notch with some silly lyrics and a comically crackling video. Weird Al’s funny version is a rib tickler that won’t leave any room for blues. For sheer gut-wrenching laughter this song never fails.



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