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What do companies want?

I am final year student of the college (Department of Computer Science,Pune University)…Happy to be placed in one of the world’s premier software company. But there are certain things that have been haunting me. What do the companies really want from a fresh computer graduate? I have seen that some companies directly ask, “Do you know JAVA” or “Do you know XYZ technology”.

Here in our department we are mainly concerned with studying the mathematical part or the science of computers, which I think is the real building block for creating the best platforms and future innovations in this field. Technologies can be learnt in a few weeks but you can’t learn the science of it outside the campus. What’s more we have excellent faculty.

There are companies like Adobe, Amazon.com, Microsoft. Symantec, Sybase, Trilogy, to name a few who have visited our campus this year. But many still reluctant to come to this department giving the excuse that the students over here don’t know technologies.

I just want to ask these companies: should not they look into the future and broaden their vision-horizon?

– Sonu, posted this article 2006. Thi sarticle is being reposted
Department of Computer Science, Pune University


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