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Weird Al: Parody Extraordinaire is back

Parody king and extremely hilarious American singer-songwriter Weird Al is quite the rage on social media currently with his latest album ÔÇÿMandatory FunÔÇÖ that released this July. Weird Al Yankovic is known worldwide for his rib-tickling parodies of popular trendy songs. He has successfully spoofed musicÔÇÖs greats like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lady Gaga. The results have been gut-wrenching laughs for the millions of views on popular video sharing websites. His current album is an amusing take on some of the most recent and trending songs popular worldwide. So get ready to laugh your heads off. HereÔÇÖs a look at some trending spoofs from Weird AlÔÇÖs new album.

1. ÔÇÿFoilÔÇÖ-Weird Al


Make way for ÔÇÿFoilÔÇÖ a parody of Grammy award winning song ÔÇÿRoyalsÔÇÖ by Lorde. ItÔÇÖs currently the most trending parody from Weird AlÔÇÖs kitty hitting more than 10 million views and still counting. This song is side-splitting to its core. Weird Al has managed to pull off another amusing spoof with comical lyrics about aluminium foil coupled with an entertaining video. Cautionary Warning: Uninterrupted Chuckles galore.

Check out ÔÇÿFoilÔÇÖ by Weird Al


2. Weird Al ÔÇô ÔÇÿWord CrimesÔÇÖ


Another viral hit from the great parodist ÔÇÿWord CrimesÔÇÖ spoofs one of the most popular and twerkalicious song ÔÇÿBlurred LinesÔÇÖ by Robin Thicke. This parody with its exceptionally witty lyrics that highlight grammar and its usage scores high on definite rofl moments. A cleverly crafted video makes this song a laugh-riot.

Take a look at ÔÇÿWord CrimesÔÇÖ


3.┬á ÔÇÿTackyÔÇÖ by Weird Al


PharrellÔÇÖs immensely popular and trending song of the season ÔÇÿHappyÔÇÖ has not been spared by Weird Al. AlÔÇÖs parody ÔÇÿTackyÔÇÖ amuses with its funny lyrics and humorous video featuring celebrities like comedian Jack Black(The School of Rock), Aisha Tyler(WhoÔÇÖs Line is it Anyway), Eric Stonestreet(Modern Family) to name a few. Laugh out loud with this one.

For gut-wrenching laughter watch ‘TackyÔÇÖ





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