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SP Jain Entrepreneurship, SYB
SP Jain Entrepreneurship, SYB

Want to be an entrepreneur? SP Jain Insitute’s SYB course

If entrepreneurship is your calling, but you don’t know how or where to begin, you may want to consider the ‘Start Your Business’ Program (SYB) offered by S P Jain Institute of Management. Currently the only such program offered in India, the SYB program is business neutral – be it fast food, garments, software or janitorial services – as long as the business idea results in a profitable and scalable enterprise that generates wealth and employment.

SYB is aimed at working executives, practicing professionals, family business members, ex-servicemen and even spouses. The program equips a potential entrepreneur with the managerial skills he/she needs to create a successful enterprise.

Program Content
Part I : Becoming an entrepreneur
This part focuses on helping the participant understand and acquire the requisite skill sets to be an entrepreneur.

Part II : Managing a profitable, scalable business
This part deals with the knowledge and skills for managing a business. Strategic Vision, Marketing and Sales, Negotiations, Communications, Finance and Accounts, Business Process, People and Processes, Innovation and creativity are covered under this.

Part III: Starting the new venture
This part focuses on the essentials of starting a new business. Opportunity assessment, Business model, Marketing plan, Operations plan, Cash flow projection, Business plan, Project report and Exec. summary are included.

Part IV : Presentations

Participants present the Business Plan / Project Report to a panel of real life investors / financiers.

This 32 day program (16 weekends with full day session on Saturday (9 am -6 pm) and half day on Sunday (9am-1pm) will comprise of faculty and guest lectures, case and video based discussions, simulations and individual/ group exercises and submissions.

The SYB program helps the participant identify critical success factors for starting a new venture and assess the commercial potential of the business idea. At the end of it, participants will know how to start a new venture and how to run a profitable, scalable business.

For more info, contact:

Centre for Entrepreneurship
S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research,
Munshi Nagar, Dadabhai Road, Andheri (West),
Mumbai – 400 058, India

Telephone No:
+91-22-2623 7454 / 0396 / 2401
Prof. M. S. Rao – ext: 211
Ms. Meghana – ext: 315



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