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Wanna become a Hair Stylist?

It’s not just for the “academically backward”, Hair Styling is a hot career option. Bhairavi Jhaveri tells you all about training with tresses…

If you are passionate about cutting and styling hair, want to do something creative, don’t like studying, want to make big bucks and want a cool job, then hair styling is the career for you!

Most of India’s leading salons have hair academies, where students are trained in everything there is to know about hair. Of course you do need to make an initial investment (course fees range from Rs. 90,000-1,50,000 depending on the institute).

Anyone who is 18 years and above with a minimum qualification of 10 + 2 years is eligible to enroll for an hair academy. Most institutes have 2 types of courses – Freshers and Advanced, and you can opt for whichever suits your need. The learning process as a hairstylist never ends; you continue to learn as long as you are in this field.

The field promises big bucks, but only with time and hard work. After the 4 – 6 month course and a 6 month internship, your initial salary is Rs. 5000. After a few months it usually goes up to Rs 8000 – 10,000 and within 3 – 5 years it easily shoots up to Rs. 30,000 – 40,000 a month. Your earnings also depend on commissions, your clients and your performance. Where some require a very short time to gain fame, the others may take up to 10 years for the same.

Also, as styling has become a prominent part of the entertainment industry, most stylists opt for free lance work during weekends or free time. They work on music videos, TV channels, movies, ad films etc. On a 2-3 day assignment, they earn as much as they their monthly salaries sometimes.Besides the regular tasks involving hair styling or cutting, you also need to have a touch of agressiveness to get to the top. Owning a hair salon is also a good option, provided you have the experience, talent and the name for it. You need to be hard working and prepared to stand on your feet all day long. Good people skills, being able to create conversation with clients, also give a career boost.

Being enthusiastic and creative is important; without creativity it is easy to get stagnant in a field with so much competition. Staying updated with the latest trends in fashion, hair and style is extremely important. Nobody wants to parade a last season’s mane anymore!

Hair Academies:

Nalini & Yasmin Hair
Academy, Mumbai
022-5668 0089

Juice Hair Academy,
26435580 (Bandra salon) or 23805087 (Hughes Road salon)

Beyond The Fringe,
022-2632 3501 / 3308

VLCC branches in Mumbai and Delhi also have hair academies.

Hair institutes in Delhi are Habib’s Hair Academy and Blossom Kochhar’s Pivot Point among others.

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