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Wake up; It’s Just a Break up!!!

All of us have at least once in our dreamy lives had an unforgettable break up. By a break up I am not referring to a lover or a bf/gf but there are other things too. I define break up as a life changer when your support system gives up on you. It could be a loss of a job, a relative, a family member, or a crisis or a failure of any kind. To me a break up is loss of happiness. It is purely a loss of purpose on losing n integral part of your being.
These are events during which you need realize – life is too short and you have very limited time.

Do not waste time on the following:

• Regret
• Guilt
• Procrastination
• Self-pity
• Helplessness
• Stagnation
• Hating yourself
• Alcohol/drugs/cigarettes/paid unsafe sex
• Past analysis
• Future prediction

All of this is a distraction and a downer in one way or another…feeling sad or upset over the past and reasoning the future leaves you no room to enjoy the moment.

Your to-do list to get over any kind of break up:

• Ctrl+Atl+Del Memories
• Refresh with socializing
• Reload yourself with new energy
• Undo trusting anyone and everyone
• Redo the work needed to mend old and forgotten friendships
• Revamp your personality, go in for a make-over, look attractive
• Refrain from talking about your past to anyone, it’s only gossip
• Reboot your system by pursuing new hobbies, dance, sing, play
• Celebrate your life
• Love yourself.

It’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible.

I’ve been through a huge heart break…to the point of being suicidal and I realized my parents loved me more than my boyfriend or more than me myself. Always remember your break up is not yours alone it’s a break up for your family. Even friends, colleagues, relatives all feel the loss equally or even more.

Your mom might be mad at you for your clumsiness or unorganized living but she will fight the whole world if anyone dares to call you a loser…You are her WINNER…and you will always be.

Life is bigger than a CAT score/ a BF dumping you/ a pink slip at an MNC/ a terminal illness/ a monetary loss…nothing is worth ruining the gift of living. The day you start loving your own self, you will be happy in your own company. Befriend yourself and love yourself before you go begging to feel loved and wanted.

“In search of a place, I call my own,
A place like no one has ever known,
A place so peaceful and serene
One where solitude would happily reign
A place of awesome todays and promising tomorrows
With only joys to look for and no time for apparent sorrows
A place where love never ceases to be
A place where I am truly free to be me”

PS: Nothing is as scary as losing the purpose of your existence,
Losing the hope, the belief and the SELF confidence

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