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Wadia College, Pune

Also known as: Just “Wadias.”

Campus: It is pretty big and the commerce, engineering and arts-science sections are separated by parking.

Faculty: Majority of the professors are old but very friendly and helpful. They are great if you plan to attend lectures.

Attendance: The faculty is great but all of them have a request – If you’re attending pay attention otherwise you can leave. I don’t think there is such a thing as compulsory attendance. In fact, my division has more than 80 students but there are benches only for 60. Which means, they don’t expect everyone to attend.

Hangouts: If you like to bunk college – welcome to paradise. The five-screen multiplex INOX is barely half a kilometer away and has McDonalds, Baristas and Baskin & Robbins. If you wanna shop there’s Dhole-Patil Road and MG road. And of course, Koregaon Park and Osho Ashram for the hot foreigners.

Crowd: Ranges from foreigners to girls in burkhas and the convent types to the homely Marathi kind. Everything from salwars to short skirts. In fact, you could wear a saree one day and a mini skirt the next, just for all the second looks you get. In Wadias, we have a high standard for abnormal dressing .

Canteen: We get everything from thalis to Chinese and most of the foodies are hostelites.

Extra Curricular: Wadias even has a girls football team. Then there are the language-fests, individual-department fests and the annual day.

– Wadia-ite

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