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Voting FAQs

So you have finally registered to vote. Now what? If you have no idea whom to vote for or you are worried about what is going to happen on election day, JAM has the answers and convenient options for you.

Which political party do I vote for?
No idea what these political parties are up to and whether their candidates are worthy of your vote? No problem! The ERO (Electoral Registration Office) always puts up the candidate profile and history of the political party s/he is representing. Find it cumbersome to go all the way there? Again, we have a way. Jaago Re’s website www.jaagore.com and Agni’s website http://www.blackbridge.co.in/agni/ will be putting up the candidate profiles along with necessary updates from Apr 2 to Apr 9. All you have to do is go to the website and get all the information about the candidates. After that, it is up to you to decide whom to vote for.

After registration, what next?We’ll guide you through this as well! Here are a few things you should be aware of:

When are election dates announced?
Election Commission of India (ECI) announces the dates of any election normally not more than three weeks prior to the date on which the notification is likely to be issued.

How will I know which date to vote on?
All major newspapers and leading media channels disseminate this information. If you have registered with Jaago Re or Agni you will get reminders about your day of voting.

How will I know my polling booth address?
You will find your polling booth address on the first page of the electoral roll of your part/polling booth where you find your name registered as a voter. You can even check with your neighbors. If you have registered with Jaago Re or Agni, you will get reminders about your polling booth address.

What documents must I carry to the polling booth?
You should carry a photo identity proof to the polling booth. A voter ID card will be sufficient if you posses one. The Election Commission will permit voters who have not been issued with the voter ID card to vote provided their identities are established by production of documents like passport, driving license and PAN card.

Check out JAM’s next issue for a whole cover story on the elections and how you can make the change you want to see in Indian politics.

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