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Vision 2010, SIES (Sion)

SIES College’s festival Visions 2010 is scheduled for 9th to 11th of December. The festival will see participation from a lot of courses like Biotech, Zoology, Botany, IT, BMS, BMM and more. The college is expecting a footfall of nearly 5000 a day during this fest.
The festival has a varied range of events starting from Cultural and Fine Arts to Powerchords (Band event) and a Photography event.
Under the Fine Arts section, there are interesting events like freestyle drawing, mask painting, and leaf painting. Performing arts will involve street dance, fashion show, group and solo dance, and vocals.
Techies have something to look forward to in this event. Web designing, LAN gaming, Photoshop, event will see a huge gathering of tech freaks.

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