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Vishal Shekhar concert Sat, Jan 10 @ Mahalaxmi Mumbai

What is better than having fun knowing you’re doing it for a good cause? A bigger reason for having fun!

“Prayas” is a concert being organised to raise funds┬á for orphans and specially abled children. The event highlights include a featured performance by underprivileged kids and then a performance by the Bollywood duo Vishal and Shekhar.

The New Hope Foundation with its youth wing Rise. NHF is an NGO having businessmen as its members and has been working for 5 years to build a better society. Rise a students organisation has organised various programmes for a variety of social causes which includes women empowerment, a blood donation drive and now, this concert.

The thought behind this event is to raise funds and help the needy. They believe that we as students from well to do families can start making a difference to the society from now, even a small effort from a large number of youngsters can have an impact that we sorely need, and that the donation can be made entertaining for the donors.

The scene behind the concert stage is managed by college students. The core committee consists of all businessmen. In all more than 150 people are working for this concert.

An event of this size and magnitude requires a lot of planning and efforts. They have been preparing for this event for the last 6 months. From the singers to the children, the vendors, food, every detail has been taken care of very carefully and efficiently. A major concern was and still is the collection of funds for the event.

The event is set to rock on 10th Jan, 2015 enclosure 1, Mahalaxmi racecourse. Between 7 and 10 pm.  The standing passes (donor passes) start at Rs. 250 and are available with our volunteers.
Numbers: 7666652492, 9769629797.

The passes can be bought till the events starts but of course is subject to availability. Food and drinks are available and can be bought from the various stalls standing there. Parking is also available.

” We as a group are very fond of differently abled children and love to bring a smile to their daces. The reason is simple, their smile brings us a smile” say the volunteers of the event. It is a very noble cause and the efforts taken by these young students who are our own age is very inspirational for each one of us. Take this opportunity to make a difference and enjoy the concert knowing that you’ve done your part for those children who will be benefitting from this small act of yours.

Rise, for a better future.

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