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Visa procedure

After going through the whole shindig, you don’t want to be rejected at the last and final VISA stage…do you?
So, here’s how to sail smoothly through this last and final stage. Before you apply for the Visa, it helps to know what exactly the visa officers are looking for.

There are basically two things that the visa officers are looking at:
1) Whether the student has sufficient funds to support himself in the US.
2) His intentions to return on completion of his education. (This does not however imply that he cannot work in the US after he finishes his education, they just want to check that the student is not using the student visa as a means of entering the US).

A check-list of what you should carry with you to the Consulate:
– Valid Passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the day the student appears for visa interview.)
– Application fee Rs. 1935/- by DD in favor of the ‘American Consulate, Mumbai’
– The amount for the visa fee Rs.4300/- either in cash or again a DD in favor of the ‘American Consulate, Mumbai’
– The completed visa application form.
– I-20 form, Admission letter and any correspondence with the univ that you feel might help.
– Original copies of the TOEFL and GRE scores.
– Financial Documentation : For those with aid it should be no problem.

No need for financial documentation in this case. Those of you without aid will have to show proof of your financial status. You could show: Tax returns of parents, bank statements, FD receipts, share certificate, schools, property documents, affidavit from sponsor. This all comes in a CA certificate, but also carry the original certificates with you apart from that. Now, you can show property documents but they should be for the flat ur parents live in. it’s ok if it is for a separate flat, plot etc. Get it evaluated and show the amount.

Another important funda: you need to show the amount for the first year only. They generally assume that if u can fund yourself for the first year, you would be able to do so in the second year as well. So show more funds than that required if you can, but otherwise also it is fine. Bank loans are absolutely fine.
IMPORTANT: The 90-day funda is there.

So you can apply at the most 90 days before your registration date as specified on your I-20. Do not go there b4 that.

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