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IIT Madras is a hotbed of innovation and geekdom. We meet someone who combines both.

Meet Vikas Shenoy, a 3rd year student of Engineering Design from IIT Madras (geek alert!). Now, Vikas is not only a pioneer of this course among 20 plus others, taking the risk to be the first ones to graduate with an MTech in Engineering Design in two years from now, but is also an entrepreneur at the age of 21! Vikas runs a mobile software solutions company called Lypas with four friends.

Born on the 31st of March, as though to coincide his love for numbers with the end of the financial year, Vikas also is a big sports junkie.I love playing cricket , I play it for the insti but I’m also big on hockey and badminton. Unfortunately you can’t play more than one sport at a time while representing an institution,he cribs, as though what he is doing isn’t enough already. But, no, wait! There’s more! Lays- as he is more popularly known in IIT-M- is a born manager (evident from his company running skills!).

You will always find him in the organising committees of events at IIT-M, where he is requested to join all these committees purely for his job delegating skills. He also oozes confidence unlike others,I don’t think the IIMs can teach me more than I already know he states, with a nonchalant expression on his face. His Orkut testimonials swear he is on the road to greatness and that he talks a lot.I can talk to save my life, not bak bak nonsense,he shoots back when I comment that he is a quiet person, contradictory to what his friends say.

Vikas, who has a provisional patent for an auto page-flipping device to help paraplegic people read books acquired earlier this year at an international competition at Brunhill University in London, was one of the members of a three-member team representing India at the competition. The two other teams, representing India at the same competition, not so surprisingly, were also from IIT-M. With a provisional patent in hand, Vikas and his team have a year to prove the feasibility of the device, after which they will be granted a patent for the same, and will market the product and sell it.

Ps: For those who didn’t get it,that’s not his email id.


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