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VidYuth an association by young social entrepreneurs.

Where majority of the youth today abide by the ‘I don’t care attitude’, here are a few students who want to make a difference and create social awareness.

VidYuth is an organization which was established in November 2008 by Anshuman Sinha (the founder and initiator of VidYuth) along with his colleagues Somesh Kamra and Varun Verma, who assist him in the day-to-day affairs and overall management of the association.

The intent of this organization is to raise a voice against the wrongdoings in the society and also guide individuals to be the change the want to see. The members of VidYuth state that the goal of this association is to empower the masses with a platform by which they can bring about a social change.
VidYuth has carried out various activities and one among them is patrolling the area South Bombay to locate any untoward activity and report it to the cops. The areas they cover include Churchgate, Dhobitalao and Fashion Street among others. VidYuth strives to fight against a huge range of grievances and troublesome activities which include violence, theft, eve-teasing, ragging and so on. At the moment there are 40 volunteers with VidYuth who mainly comprise of college students. These student volunteers head out once every week on their tour of duty by either bikes, cars or on foot.

This organization has also kept a close eye on the ragging front and the members of VidYuth have made their contribution towards this issue by filing a letter to the State Minister with the help of Mr. Milind Deora and Mr. Kachru (father of the deceased ragging victim).
Apart from these, VidYuth has also come up with a martial arts firm called ‘Knockout’ where free style martial arts and self-defense techniques are taught.

“We aim to make our organization bigger, wider and create fear in the minds of people engaging in any illegal activity” says Mr. Anshuman Sinha. If you want to be the change you can join as a volunteer, visit the ‘VidYuth’ group on facebook or visit www.vidyuth.org.

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