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Another girl and another cover story of the girl getting raped by six guys. I am not over here to discuss the minute details of how the girl got raped. My only concern is the utmost callousness shown by the media in handling of this case. The following things really pissed me off and I am sure everyone will support my views .

Why media took the name of Annie Brown from TISS? Wouldn’t it be quite obvious for the students of TISS to put one and one together and know who was raped? Why Media has to give each and every minute details of the victim when it is their responsibility to protect the victim from further victimization.

A leading Tabloid gave a first hand account of what happened that eventful night. They went to the extent of publishing the whole complaint letter.Instaed of sympathy one gets disgusted. We don’t want to read PENTHOUSE LETTERS.Instaed of supporting it was made a complete mockery of the situation.

The six guys involved are still accused at the moment I am writing this. It is quite clear from the reports that not all of them are equally guilty. Newspapers are contradicting their own stories everyday. A brilliant example of character assassination which also includes the victim.

Media reports give each and every details of the accused. Is it also necessary that complete portfolio of the parents? They were never a part of it. Instead of getting the real story they are publishing the word of mouth.

This takes the cream of the cake. One daily went ahead and published the orkut profiles of the accused. Is it necessary? We don’t want to know anyones ORKUT PROFILE!!! Just because you need to fill up your pages.Instaed of such useless crap, they should be considering on Election Reports. We already have too much on our plate to digest ORKUT PROFILES.

I have complete solidarity with the victim. Hopefully cops will find the guilty from the accused and give them the necessary punishment. However if Media takes a little precaution for handling such cases, it will stop further embarrassment of the victim. May the truth prevail !!

– Darshan Baruah

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