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Vicky donor ban gaya Vicky singer

Lovable and talented, Ayushmann Khurrana has released his first non filmi single ‘O Heeriye’. JAM met Ayushmann, and found him as much the charming guy from Chandigarh as he is on screen.

He is smart. “Today it is singles that sell, and not albums”. He also knows that selling a non-filmi music single is not easy as there is no movie to ride on.

He has two hit Punjabi songs from his movies behind him. Saadi Gala Aaja(Nautanki Saala) and Paani da rang(Vicky Donor) Both melancholic Punjabi songs were not instant hits – they took a while to climb up on the charts.

O Heeriye sung in the Punjabi folk rock genre, is a bit peppy and happy for a change. It is co-written and composed along with Rochak Kohli his buddy from Chandigarh. The previous songs were written in Chandigarh, while this one came to him “while he was driving in Mumbai”, as goes the story.

It is about drooling over this girl upon seeing her for the first time “Jad Tainu wekheya pahli vaar main ta, tainu hi takda reha….” It does have a the small town romance ring to it. (Wonder if this is the new formula.)

The video teaser on youtube is pretty ordinary, and the lyrics lack the sad folksy poetic quality of Panni da rang. But let’s wait before we pass the verdict – the previous songs did take a long time to catch on.

So are we going to see Ayushmann as a playback singer? He dismisses it with a ‘maybe’ but doesn’t give the impression that his acting career hasn’t progressed as fast as it should. He’s been at it since 2004, as an RJ, and then on a VJ on MTV, and oodles of the reality shows.

This dude has lots of patience, and knows the business of entertainment. He’s for real, for instance he was making waves at the IITB Rendezvous and BITS Pilani’s Oasis, while studying journalism at DAV, Chandigarh.

Catch the song video teaser on youtube
[youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-oPLbp-lWc]

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