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Valentine’s day species

Love is in the air and almost everyone seems to have caught the ailment. The same viral strain manifests itself in different ways in different people. Presenting Valentine’s Day species.

1. Baap Ka Maal
The ‘cool’ maalamaal dudes and dudettes whose sole purpose in life is to SHOW-OFF their man or woman. For guys, uses of their beloved include getting into couples-only parties and having a hot babe to complement their new bike. For girls, the benefits are a regular supply of gifts on special occasions (such as the 5th week anniversary of the first time they kissed) and free rides in an a/c car.

Most likely to say:
Dahling… u’re looking so hot today.

2. Pakela Akela
These are the frustrated lonely hearts. Anything mushy that comes their way is pooh-poohed, and they are forever doling out anti-love one liners. But these are just defense mechanisms used to hide their desperate desire for their very own babe/stud.

Most likely to say: Being single is the best.

3. Roadsidey Romeo
This tapori type has an equally sidey Juliet whom he settled for after his ‘I want your friendship’ pickup line met with a strong ‘NO’ from the model types. His salwar-kameez clad gf uses her sati-savitri image to fool her parents by telling them she has extra classes when she’s actually out for a secret rendezvous under the banyan tree behind the canteen.

Most likely to say: Chalti hai kya, nau se barah?

– Aditi Tandon

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