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Valentine Bhaiya Ka Din

Valentine’s day is here
And I am the thinking thinking
Scratching my head, my arm
Along I stand blinking blinking.

What is the whole fuss about this day
Who cares anyway?
Is it some kind of festival?
Or something sold on eBay?

“No, no dumbo” my friends say to me
“It’s about love and all that fun thing”
The probability of it happening to me
Ain’t goddam supposed to be.

They told me it’s all my fault that I can’t have this
Coz I’ll suck, I suck and as I always sucked up
Whatsoever I do now, ain’t no would help this
And eventually my life would be… (chee, gandi baat!)

So, Valentine’s day is here
And I am still the thinking thinking
Maybe am still scratching and blinking
While all my friends have their cellphone things
Going tring-tring tring-tring.


– Nijeesh Padmanabhan

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