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The best tech to gift on Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine’s Day without a cellphone that can take hi-resolution photographs of your romantic boat ride, allow you to videochat with your special someone throughout the day, and pinpoint your dinner reservation’s exact location via GPS? Exactly. What is Valentine’s Day without technology? We asked resident techxpert Satish S that and he gave us a blank stare, and this list of great tech gift options for guys are girls that is sure to melt hearts and ensure perpetual geekdom.

Tech for Girls
1) Barbie digital nail painter
This latest invention from Mattel is sure to garner praise from people who hop from one party to the other. Just put in your finger, select a print from the many thousands on the website (or make and submit your own) and hit print. All your digits will be all nice and printed in no time at all. The ladies will love it.

2) Sony Vaio P Series
We are sure this one was made keeping the fairer sex in mind. It’s tiny (and costly) enough to get the expletives rolling out of your mouth. But it’s also very handy. A definite gift option this Valentine’s.

3) Apple iPhone
If there was ever a phone that’ll keep the ladies engrossed, it has to be the Apple iPhone. Simple no-nonsense navigation, sleek looks and an awesome portable media player as well. Who cares if it misses a few teeny-weeny bits here and there. Get it engraved for your darling and you’re guaranteed success. If that doesn’t work, the packaging most certainly will.

4) Nintendo Wii
Women usually dislike gaming and we fathom the reason could be the fact that it is too complex. Imagine trying to get your girl to learn gaming telling her stuff like, “Press ‘D’ for long pass, ‘S’ for short pass and the whole keyboard for something or the other and you’ll win the match against Chelsea.” The Wii brings simplicity to gaming like never before with its realistic gameplay. You can also have pom-pom additions to the controllers if your girl is the cheerleader type. Of course, we don’t entirely know what that means.

The people behind this gadget think that trying to smell your own breath by cupping your hands over your mouth isn’t necessarily a good way to check your breath. By your own admission, you will want to think you are smelling as fresh as mint, but the Kiss-o-meter will give you the cold hard truth that you actually smell like a pig. And people whose breath stinks like a pig don’t usually score well socially. Even if you are Paris Hilton.

6) Flip Mino HD
It’s a certified rage all over the world, this one. Although its not available freely in India, yet, the Flip is a fantastic piece of hardware for recording videos with very few buttons and 4GB (non-expandable) to get the job done. It’s also light and compact. In this latest avatar, it allows you to take full HD quality videos. And you have some stunning designs to please your girl. Ask your favourite uncle/aunty to get it from overseas.

Tech for Dudes
1) LG Phone Watch
Finally here’s a phone (and a watch) that has got people talking. Features a cool 1.4 inch touchscreen with most of the commands being voice operated. It also features a front camera for video conferencing (here’s hoping 3G will be rolled out real soon in India). And the since the watch has a fairly big dial, it obviously isn’t meant for the females. So ladies, get one for your guy and say with blinking eyes, “I just called, to say…”

2) Acer Aspire One
Netbooks are all the rage and if you think your boyfriend needs a smaller laptop, this is your best bet. Selling for pretty cheap at Lamington Road and such similar places across India.

3) Sony PSP
If your relationship is going through a rough patch lately, a shiny
new PSP will give new life to it and then some. It has released in four new colours recently, but of course, none of them look as good as the classic black.

4) Powermat
Here’s a device that charges all devices wirelessly. Is that cool or what? Of course, the mat itself needs to be connected to an electricity socket, but after that, magnetic induction kicks in to allow you to charge as many gadgets the mat can hold. The reason we’re recommending it here is because men love making a display of their gadgets. And who is to complain if it gets some charging done as well.

5) Cowon S9
This has to be the sleekest and most desirable looking PMP ever! Will make any dude with any sense of gadgets go weak in their knees. Which in turn, might get you a shiny new diamond ring. We said, you might.

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