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V K Krishna Menon College, Bhandup

Name: V K Krishna Menon College, popularly known as Menon, was established in the late ’70s and was one of the very first buildings in the marsh land of Bhandup, Mumbai.

Claim to fame: It was the first educational campus in Bhandup and parents sent their children here, because the college is known for its discipline and strictness. If you are found bunking, then you are reported to the principal and asked to get your parents the next day!

For those of you who have not run screaming by now, here’s more…

Courses offered: BSc and Bcom

Location: A stone’s throw away from Bhandup station (E). You may have to dodge many rickshaws on the stand just outside the station to get here. And in case you are still alive, you’ll have to dodge the professors.

The campus: Huh? What campus? The college shares its campus with the school managed by the same management. And the little open space between the gate and the main entrance doubles up as a playground for the school kids too!

The crowd: The crowd mostly consists of the very suburban Mumbaikars. The majority of professors and students here are mallus, some people even call this college a mini Kerala. The girls are seen strutting around in their jazzy salwaar kameezes and the guys follow with their jazzy T-shirts and jeans.

The girls outnumber the guys here, to the obvious delight of the latter sex. Chocolate Day and Rose Day here are bigger than Diwali or X’mas and guys actually wait with bated breath for them to arrive.

The Library: The library is big and might have been the saving grace, if only more students used it. If you are found sitting in the library, the librarian actually checks your ID.

Other Infrastructure: The college has a Gymkhana, which has a TT table and a few carom boards. But you have to show your ID before you can touch the carom coins or TT bat and ball. By the time you get all these things, your enthu to actually play the sport will vanish into thin air.

The Canteen: Located on the ground floor of the building, it looks more like an old Udipi hotel that hasn’t been cleaned for centuries. The walls are greasy and the tables have turned the colour of sambaar. The only eatables served here are batata wada, samosas pav, idli sambaar and medu wada. The amount of oil in these eatables is enough to give the oil wells in the Gulf stiff competition.

The Fest: There is nothing called a Fest here. There is an Annual Day (!!) where the college hires a nearby auditorium and gives out passes for students to get their parents. It’s a trip straight back to school!

Hangouts: There is a PCO outside the college with some benches behind it. Students bunk lectures and sit there for the lack of something better. Every time a professor passes from here, the students are seen running for their lives!

There is a nice Ganesh Mandir near the station, where the students sit around hoping for some divine intervention. The number of visitors considerably increases on the day of the results.

In the recent past, a few malls in Mulund, a nearby suburb, have come up as a saving grace. Must have been the divine intervention the students had been praying for.

– Monali Gaikwad

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