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V. G. Vaze College (Kelkar), Mumbai

U know U R in V. G. Vaze College (Kelkar) when:

– The most feared person the college campus is the canteen manager, fondly known as ‘Mama’.

– Roaming around in the corridors is a ‘punishable offence’ for JC students.

– ‘Raids’ are conducted in the canteen, common rooms and the library to see if JC students are bunking.

– Even the English Profs can’t speak proper English. Marathi sentences are literally translated into English for e.g. sentences like “Keep some manners” (Shishth theva).

– There is a notice outside the staff room that says ‘Students entry is strictly prohibited’. Ya, like we want to go in there.

– You have to undergo more formalities to get a form signed/filled than you would have to in a govt office.

– You have to wear an ID card around your neck all the time (or else face a Rs 100 fine).

– The only place to hangout outside the collge is the divider on the road and a paan-beedi shop.

– Guys wear tees with prints of Rock bands they’ve never heard of. It’s either that or Britney.

– The Boys Common Room is always flooded.

– Dipthi, D. B., JBC, V. G. Vaze

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