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unofficial-prospectus- Jai Hind College

Real Name– Jai Hind College- Basant Singh Institute of Science and J.T. Lalwani Institute of Commerce

A.K.A -Jai Hind College.

Campus-Officially, it is just one building on A road. Hardly any Campus! But unofficially it extends to B-road, Marine drive, Eros, etc.

Courses– One of the top Colleges in Mumbai. Period.

Food– When we get hungry; we go to ‘Dev’. No, I don’t mean God; it is the good name of our cafeteria guy. Jai Hind Cafeteria is the haven for foodies. You want Chinese? You got it! You want Italian? You got it! You want Jain? You got it! You want an ice cream? There is a huge Havmor counter just two steps away. Oh! And did I mention Sandwiches , wraps, samosa, puffs, ice tea, cold coffee (phew!), Rio, occasional pastries, etc.

Well if you’re still not impressed (too may tantrums? Yup, you are fit to be a Jaihindite) you can go straight to the Canteen. Ask for John, the star of the canteen. Nobody seems to know his real name, as he insists on being called John, after John Abraham (alumni, Jai Hind College). He will serve you hot and yummy Dosas while telling you his interesting encounters with Mr. Abraham. The Dosas in the Canteen are to die for, and they keep coming up with new varieties. It also has awesome fruit Juices made fresh in front of your eyes!

Crowd– Most of you already have a notion about the people here. Rich. Hot. Snobbish. Well, time to dig deeper. No matter which ‘social type’ you are- geek, ummm sorry intelligent, shy, extremely extrovert, show off, genuinely talented, not-so-genuinely talented (*ahem* rich), aspiring lawyer, artist or a model, you will find at least one soul sister! Most of us are Sindhis. (Yes, they have a quota!)From Hot-shot babes to cool dudes to that-girl-from- Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi! We come in all shapes, sizes and colour!

Faculty– Some of the best teachers I have encountered! (NO, I am not being a suck up!) If you are an arts student (Junior College) watch out for Farzana Ma’am (Logic and Philosophy). She can be the sweetest lady but she can also turn into your worst nightmare in a couple of minutes. Her students always score well. Beware! If you miss her Logic lectures or step in late, she will very well drive the logic out of you. Also, you have Hawwa Ma’am (History) who will make you fall in love with the subject. But try not paying attention in her class. Just try! Also, take cover if you fall in the path of our new Director without an ID around your neck!

Beyond books– We have so many festivals and shows that no one with even a bit of talent in anything can be left out. The auditorium is booked all the time, with dance, drama, fashion show (So now you are interested! Huh?), singing etc. happening all the time. We just need a reason to celebrate! Jai Hind is a ticket to awesome social life. And sometimes the nearby residents complain of too much noise (boring!).

In one line– Like Nothing Else You Know of! Jai Hind!

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