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Unconventional Career choice- Tutoring


In today’s fast pacing world there is advancement in everything. Where once there never existed any tuitions or tuitions were affordable only by the rich, it is no longer a luxury or an extra, tuitions have become indispensable. On the other hand, to meet the needs of growing expenditure everyone wants to earn money, and it is not possible for everyone to find a job outside their home. Some people prefer to work from home. One of the most popular professions among these is Tutoring. Tutoring means┬áhelping students with their syllabus and education, mostly academic. Math tutors, language tutors are not unheard of.

The thing about tutoring is, that they need a very minimal start up. You can do it at your own home, students carry their own books, and all you need o provide is the guidance and support they need.

The tutoring business not only helps the students but it also helps the tutor as well. Depending on your knowledge and educational qualification you can pick the category or class of students. The can be students of  primary classes, high school students or college graduates. Tutoring greatly helps those higher level students teach their juniors or students in a lower level of the same study. The tutors can strengthen their basics and the students get help and guidance from experienced people.

Teaching can be on face to face basis or you can give online tuitions. The various modes of tutoring can be chatting, emails , fax etc.  Creativity, patience good communication skills are the basic features of any tutor. If the tutor has a good sense of humor and is ready to give his heart and soul in this job then there is no better job than this. A good tutor is the one who understands the problem and explains it in the best possible way. Basic teaching skills are required to become a tutor. And the most important part for choosing this is, no one will judge you based on how many degrees you have. All everyone cares about is how well you teach. You get choose your subjects and can teach the one who are fully aware of and have the confidence to teach it.

A lot of engineering students give tuitions to students who are aspiring to crack the entrances. Some people prepare their own notes and get it published and sell it to the students who wish to buy the notes for self studies. People who aspire to get jobs in the banking sectors give tuitions to the students of primary classes to get a strong hold of the quantitative aptitude which is the most important section of all banking exams.

But ofcourse, tutoring does not only means earning money, there is a lot more to tutoring than that. Tutoring helps you to polish up your own knowledge. You can learn while you earn. The business of tutoring might sound a little odd to some people but it can prove very benign to a lot of people who have studied well but have no jobs. In such a scenario , tutoring some one can help in brushing your  knowledge and you can also earn by it.


Teaching is such a noble profession which is so all encompassing. You give and you get. You teach and you learn. It is a very enriching experience for everyone as one grows and helps others grow. Certainly worth a consideration. 🙂

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