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Uncomplicating status- ‘Complicated’

What exactly do guys n gals really mean when their on Facebook status says – complicated
What most guys really mean is…

1. I haven’t made up my mind on how much I wanna commit.
2. I don’t wanna admit I am in a relationship.
3. I am still considering dating other girls.
4. I wanna cheat.
5. I wanna have all the sympathy of other girls who still like me.
6. I wanna have all the benefits of being single.
7. I wanna have all the benefits of being committed.
8. The relationship is worth a short time commitment.
9. The relationship is good enough for trial and error basis.
10. It’s for now not forever

What girls mean-
1. I wanna be more sure.
2. I like him but I am not sure I ‘like him like him’
3. I am sure I don’t love him or I would be screaming that to one and all.
4. I need more time.
5. I doubt if the sun signs are compatible
6. I doubt if any signs are compatible.
7. I want him to prove that he loves me even if I don’t love him.
8. I want him to come up to all expectations.
9. I want him to know my worth.
10. I want him to pass all the hurdles and tests with flying colors.
11. I need to discuss with all my friends.
12. I wanna make sure my friend isn’t getting a better boyfriend.

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