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U know u Are in

– You walk into college campus and take a few steps only to realise you’ve reached the “other end” of the campus

– you climb more stairs everyday than a person working in a construction site

– you pay fees for special UGC courses that after the passing of a year you discover you haven’t done.

– you pay money for every little thing, including special skill courses, taking print outs in the college, and realise your dad is bankrupt by the end of the year.

– you spend more time in the auditorium listening to guest lectures, promotions, spiritual lectures and all sorts of inaugural speeches etc. etc. instead of attending classes.

– you wear tight transparent full sleeve kurtis and get away with it, but get caught for wearing a loose T-shirt with a mega-sleeve… because T-shirts aren’t allowed

– you walk out of college and your legs take you to Ispahani centre(the local mall) automatically, even though you are bored of the place.

– you see that the word of a guy entering the college spreads faster than an epidemic.

– your friends from other colleges ask you “How is college?” and you instantly change topic…

– Last but not the least You know you’re in M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women, when people ask you what M.O.P stands for and you say Money Only Policy.

– Vaishnavi Prasad

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