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Two years, No change.

Rape is the word all women are far too familiar with. .We ask ourselves thousands of questions; check the mirror millions of times. It is the dread that subsists at the back of our minds when we leave our homes every day. This apprehension that has intensified, due to the incident that occurred on this very day two years ago. It shocked our very cores and blurred the lines between humanity and animal brutality.  When we wrap ourselves in a false bubble of safety, an incident like this occurs that obliterates our little safety bubble and makes us see the world for its true vicious glory. This happened to women across India in 2012.

While the world may not have ended, the Delhi Gang Rape resulted in the loss of the life of an immensely brave woman.┬á She may have succumbed to her injuries, but was a catalyst to some big changes. This brave heartÔÇÖs tragedy is responsible for rapists suffering the death penalty and life imprisonment. There have also been major changes recommended in the Minor Act to enforce stricter laws.


rape nahi soch ko badlo

But has this really changed anything? No. In fact, it gets graver by the day. Rape has now become a part of our mundane reality.┬á ItÔÇÖs a blatant reflection of the fact that women are no longer safe. We can pass on the blame to the patriarchy, the men, the society or even the system apathy, but change begins at home. We need to make a comprehensive effort as a society to implement change. We also need to start with the boys and inculcate the fact that women are not objects of desire, but human beings and need to be respected and treated as equals.


India definitely needs feminism and women empowerment as well as improved education for both genders alongside a synchronized justice and legal system and a one stop crisis centre. Maybe then, we can look forward to a brighter tomorrow. Today however, we know that our safety is our responsibility. WeÔÇÖve been given ample proof that thereÔÇÖs no knight in shining armour coming to save us. We need to learn to protect ourselves and choose to not suffer in silence anymore. Since our voice is our identity, it is high time we learn how to use it. In the end, it is not our shame anymore, it is their shame.

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