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Tuesday Night Blues

Sidin Sunny Vadukut takes his ENTIRE family to dinner on Saturday. They land up at a Ruby Tuesday. Where he went broke.

There is this entire genre of restaurant which uniformly charges insane prices for high calorie amreekan food in what they like to call an ‘authentic American ambience.’

Ruby Tuesday is one such eatery. Walls covered with memorabilia some even authentic. Menu designed in expensive paper with large warm graphics hoping that it would divert you from the expertly inflated prices.

Somehow I don’t think the Ruby Tuesday idea was working. Delhi is generally considered even more foodie than Bombay is. And with alcohol available too Ruby Tuesday should be an ideal Saturday night hangout.

We’d spent the better part of the night roaming around CP looking for a place to sit down and dine. Warning: CP on Saturdays is completely packed. Movies, eating places, cafes everything. No tables anywhere. Except…

Finally we walked into Ruby Tuesday, a 60-cover restaurant by my quick calculation, and found that not a single table had been taken. Not one. We were the only people there. Easily outnumbered by the waiters. Who themselves seemed relieved at our entrance. (What? Dilliwalahs thought you can only go there on Tuesdays?)

They had no Pizza. Which was a bummer. And probably was a further indication of their less-than-rocking business. So we had to settle for the Pasta, starters and I opted for a salad from the salad bar in order to keep them calories away.

If you like cherry tomatoes, lettuce, croutons and such like then you will love the RT salad bar. Otherwise it is pathetic. A regular McD burger has more veggies and… content… than the RT bar.

However my cynicism aside you can ALWAYS depend on one of these places to deliver a kick-ass dessert. We ordered one of those famed Chocolate Tallcakes and it satisfied perfectly. Order one for four people. Two if more than one person is a mallu!

Overall RT is ok. It is not value for money, except maybe the desserts, and people don’t even drop in for the drinks on a Saturday night.

I would recommend RT as a last option in case there are no tables available anywhere else on CP. Even then you probably want to try the kebab places across the circle first. Rs. 1000 for 2 without booze.

Shop #M 48 Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Phone: 011-41517588, 41517002

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