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Truth and beyond…

While reading the trilogy by Jean Sasson – Princess of Arabia, Daughters of Arabia and Desert Royal, I only kept thanking God that I was born in a country where the lives of women have molded from the weak and timid woman to a strong and successful one. The image of an independent, modern Indian woman brings a smile to our face. We feel proud to be a part of the community which has changed their mindsets and brought a difference to society.

But my prayers and wishes were proved wrong till I saw Satyamev Jayate, a show which pricked and brought tears trickling down my eyes. The subject of female infanticide has never been extinct in our country. But on a realistic note, the facts shown were shocking and left one numb.
Reading these books or any of Jean Sassoon’s novels, I always felt that the Middle East is the prime place on earth where women have never been able to get the respect they deserve. But I was so wrong when I saw the multiple horrifying acts where Indian families torture their daughter-in-laws to death for carrying a girl child in their womb. To add to this, there were highly educated doctors, professors, teachers, businessmen part of this cruel act. Indians keep talking of the huge ‘developing’ race they are a part of. This show is here to give some reality check.

As the weeks have passed by, the stories brought out have been gruesome yet touching, sympathetic yet inspiring. Ranging from the issues related to dowry to a problem as sensitive as child abuse and leading into controversies taking place in the health services, all have been handled with great maturity, understanding and bountiful of emotion.

Out of the people who viewed the show, most of them were appreciative of the idea. But there were some who said ‘Aamir and his marketing gimmick!’ Yes, he publicizes his work well and like everyone he too is working hard to earn his living. But for once, let us look at the idea and the intention behind such a noble act– an act of coming out with the truth and actually taking a step for the better of mankind. The amount of research which has gone into the project is evident and the back end work, which is usually not evident in most reality shows, is very much seen here. According to the TRPs, here is a show which is not known and watched because of the star but for the content portrayed in it.

We must have seen umpteen programs which have tried to make some difference to the problems faced by the common man. But the impact must have been missing. Aamir brings that exact impact and the connection which is needed with people in his show. His commitment and sincerity towards the cause is comparable to Oprah Winfrey but bringing Indian social problems in such a magnified way is a daring thing to do. I don’t know about the rest but I speak for the many or maybe thousands of people who are going to be benefited with this step towards truth and justice.

Satyamev Jayate. Jai Hind!

Seema Chawla

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